TED Postcard from Tel Aviv 3

Becky Earley wrote: Today was spent in a group crit with 15 of the 60 final year students from Shenkar College. We looked at a wide range of work, but in summary the highlights for me were:

- a collection of cube partition / lighting objects made from recycling black drinking straws (pictured)

- a project using pressed and dried flowers that focussed on the ghostly remains, digitally printed onto fabric with the background devored away leaving a deconstructed floral print on the cloth

- a carpet concept based on childhood feelings of lying in wild flower meadows, and rendered into sculptural form through felting and using factory discarded threads

- and a collaboration between a weave student and a print student who have created exquisite modern / antique interior fabrics using stunning ink drawings and fabrics woven using linen and metal fibres.

Tomorrow I meet a group of the tutors to reflect upon the workshops and lectures, and discuss what sustainable textiles means to them.