Graduate Showcase

Lisa Walker (BA, 2009) a recent graduate, was chosen by Blueprint magazine as one of the highlights in last year's graduate shows. Where most fabric is woven or knitted, Lisa has created a 'new' cloth from bonded waste fibres and yarns. She was inspired by her theory research in which she had interviewed Manel Torres, the designer who invented Fabrican, a spray on dress that comes directly out of a can, where the fibres encapsulate the body.
Furniture designer Terence Woodgate chose Lisa's work as one of his favourites, commenting on her delicate technique "..the construction of Walker's cloth was fascinating....it reminded me of glass-fibre matting but with colour and texture. I loved the way the fabric faded and thinned out at the edge. Some sections are like an abstract painting....".
Walker was keen to explore a new technique that may lend itself to using recycled fibres and threads and is hoping to develop the ideas further into a usable fabric.


The latest edition to Becky Earley's ongoing slow fashion project - Top 100 is now online. For the Taking Time exhibition at Birmingham Gallery last October, Becky developed a 'digital book' which documented the Top 100 project over its ten year life span.

These images are from the Template shirt collection created specifically for the Taking Time show.