'Second Life' textiles

TED team member Caryn Simonson was recently part of a panel discussion at the ICA in London as part of the Textile Futures Research Group (TFRG) Salon series.

'What Future for Living Textiles within the Built Environment' was exploring how textile designers inhabit other design fields and cohabit with the world of science, particularly with the recent developments in nano and bio technology. The question being asked was how much is the textile design discipline changing and are we as designers and consumers ready for the next material revolution?

After hearing from architects
Mark Gaulthorpe and Mette Ramsgard, Caryn Simonson presented the recent TFRG project in which work from the Group is being shown within the virtual space of Second Life. The Group have bought their own island on Second Life and have designed and built an exhibition space to show the work.

Top image: Mel Bowles
Bottom image: Kay Politowicz