The value of craft and the Slow movement

TED Research Assistant Clara Vuletich has been asked to contribute to an ongoing blog discussion about the value of craft and the Slow movement called Making a Slow Revolution, organised by Craftspace.

Originally focused around the issues of food and food production, the Slow movement has gradually come to represent a whole way of living which is a reaction to the fast-paced, disconnected world we live in. It's core values are a respect for tradition and an understanding of the value of where and how an object is made.

These are values which are shared by craft and the blog discussion hopes to start a conversation about these issues.

Craftspace are working towards a national touring exhibition on these themes for 2009.

TED team member at London Design Festival

TED member Kate Goldsworthy was showing the most recent samples from her 'Materials Recreation' research project at 100% Materials at 100% Design last week. 100% Materials is a unique window into the world of materials for designers and architects that are looking to source the building blocks of the products and environments of the future.

Kate has been working on laser welding different recycled materials together and has created some inspiring new designs.

Kate also gave a presentation on Thursday 18th September on her latest upcycled material innovations at the Design Council's Greengaged event, along with other sustainable materialists. Greengaged was a series of events and spaces dedicated to sustainable design, organised in conjunction with [re] design and the Design Council.