The Forum for the Future have launched a great new initiative called Fashion Futures: 2025, a series of films that propose four scenarios for how the future of the fashion industry may look in 2025.

The films include visions on 'slow fashion' and 'community couture' and are really insightful tools for imagining how we may produce, buy, live with and dispose of fashion and clothing.

They are designed as tools for all parts of the fashion industry, from retailers to manufacturers to designers and consumers and are set in 2025 for a good reason. According to Matilda Tham, future forecasting often uses a 15- 20 years time span for scenario building. Tham calls this time 'uncontaminated space' - if it was any shorter it would not allow for enough scope for change and if it was any longer, it feels to far out of our reach.

Hopefully these films will help all of us to steer our fashion future in the direction we want it to go.