Summer debate continues on-line

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Agendas Debate last Friday. We had a great turn out and some really lively discussions.

The audio from the four speakers will be available shortly, so stay tuned!

We are keen to continue the discussions that came up at the Debate and would like to announce our plan of action! - in the next few weeks over the summer, we will be encouraging you to contribute your thoughts and ideas on the discussion. Then in September, we will offer our own TED summary of the event and the follow-on conversation.

If you attended the event - what did your notebooks say? What were the main points you got out of the discussion?

Or, if you didn't attend the event, but would like to have - what burning question have you got? Do you beleive that sustainable design is just an educator's fantasy?

Some of the key points for me were:

Is the role of the textile designer to stay in the studio creating lovely fabrics, or is their a wider role for us that involves activism as well ? If so, how do we teach this?

If sustainability is such a complex area, that requires cross-discplinary collaboration (as is so often quoted!) why are we not equipping our design students to learn in this way?

All your thoughts and questions are welcome!

More images of the event here .