Speakers Announced for Summer Debate

We are happy to confirm two exciting speakers so far, for the TED Summer Debate next Friday 16th July.

Otto von Busch is a TED Associate and fashion researcher who is exploring fashion hacktivism and how fashion can be used for empowerment, self-development and personal growth instead of being a phenomenon of top-down decrees and collective anxiety. Otto has a PhD from University of Gothenburg where he teaches and is also a Visting Research Fellow at London College of Fashion.
Kieren Jones has just graduated from the RCA in Product Design with a wonderful project called The Chicken Project, exploring ways to locally produce objects in a world where resources are depleted and self-sufficient, off-grid living will become increasingly desirable and neccesary. He also calls himself a 'professional amateur', rather than a designer!
The final two speakers will be confirmed early next week.
Image: Otto von Busch, Abstract Machine of Hacktivism