The work that comes out of the Textile Futures MA course over at Central St Martins is always surprising and original and it consistently pushes the boundaries of the role that textile design plays in society. The Interim Show was last night and the work on show was no exception.

Projects explored ideas as diverse as the value of air as a material and tool, the role of superstition in our use of technology and the role of textiles in expressing our unconscious minds.

Laura Martinez 's project was titled 'How can traditional textile craft inform the aesthetics of tomorrow's rapid-manufactured textiles?'. Small pieces of 3D printing had been hand crafted into beautifully, jewellery-like pieces.

Hyun Jin Jeong explored natural dyeing, with a twist. She could not get access to many plants over the winter season so instead she turned to soil, or 'earth dyeing'. She compared the soil and resulting dye colours of the soils from both her native South Korea and from parts of the UK, testing the colours by dyeing fabric and also hand printing with the dyes.