Wardrobe Disclosure

Members of the public were invited to confess their secrets about the clothes they are wearing at an event in the Parade Ground here at Chelsea last weekend.

TED members Kay Politowicz and Jen Ballie set up a 'market stall' called Forms of Ad(Dress), as part of an event organised by fine art research cluster Critical Practice, which was exploring public modes of assembly and forms of address.

Throughout the day, over forty participants were asked questions about a piece of clothing they were wearing - including where they got it from, what part it plays in their wardrobe and what they will do when they want to get rid of it.

We gathered some very personal and informative insights into the relationship that people have with their garments and we are hoping to continue recording these stories to build a digital archive of 'wardrobe disclosures' on our new website, coming soon. More images here.