TED Postcard from Berlin

TED is in Berlin this week teaching at the Berlin Weisensee college. We are here to share our 'TED Stories' workshops with the textile, fashion and product design students. They have been introduced to sustainable design concepts such as systems and services design and multi-functionality and have been asked to come up with an idea for a new product or service that incorporates a combination of these concepts.    

Today we ran tutorials with the students workshopping their ideas. Some of the ideas so far include:

- a service/retail space run by product designers that customises and adapts redundant children's toys, in collaboration with the child

- a duo of designers who will work with an existing ceramic workshop that employs people with mental/physical disabilities - the designers will run their own 'structured workshops' for the group on developing social and material skills

-a fashion student who wants to work with the fast/slow issue and design a range of garments that are made using a compostable paper fabric that can be thrown away after one wear, and the same range of garments made using long-life materials such as silk and wool

Tomorrow will be the final 'Dragons Den' presentation where they present their final idea. We will announce the final winners then.